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Various icons from the October magazines. :3
There should be, 50 Hey! Say! JUMP icons and 16 Kansai Jr. icons. :3 Making that a total of 66 icons.
I was gonna make Kanto Juniour icons, but I totally got lazy. -_-; I'll start on those later...
But anyways, enjoy for now. :3

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I hate you so much, Ryutaro. D:<
No, I'm just kidding. I love the boy, he's such a cutie just like every other member in Hey! Say! JUMP :3 Anyways, this is probably my worst batch ever for this challenge. (I'm sorry!) It was hard finding pictures and such but hopefully y'all we'll like it. xD; Anyways, enjoy Mr. Morimoto Ryutaro-kun. :D

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Sorry f-list! For spamming this post so much. >_<;
Probably my last big batch in awhile... -shakes fist- Damn you school! Why must you start next week? (;A;)
Anyways, here are 50-even icons from various magazines and the Summary/Your Seed shop photos.
Also! Some 'friends only' banners. I made these a long time ago so that might explain the small size and crappy-ness. ^^; Oh well, might as well add `em in with this post.

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